Half Heard Shouts

I joined this group because I enjoy music. Kinda obvious but bear with me. I love the subtlety music possesses, the bass pounding against your eardrums, the cry of the guitar when it reaches a higher pitch, the drums keeping tempo, urging your body to the same. I used to love a song for the melody and the rhythm, then I began paying attention to the lyrics...
I fell in love with the voices of John Lennon, Johnny Cash, David Bowie, the classics; I smiled at more contemporary flavors like Paul Banks, Brandon Flowers, and Brian Aubert. Music can make sense of the world by preaching to your feelings and giving them a voice, but I fear I may not be able to hear it much longer....I'm going deaf, my left ear right now, but my neither ear is what it once was even three years ago. I used to be able to hear a whisper two rooms away with the doors closed and now if I snap my fingers more than two feet away from my left ear, I hear nothing. I don't want to lose my hearing and the way music makes me feel. I'm so scared.
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hmm,well you never told me about your hearing. What caused it? you may not be able to "hear" music but that doesnt mean you cant FEEL it. <3 -Dawn<br />
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"think happy thoughts" -MCR