Music = Life; It's Simple Really

I used to be one of those people that only knew the popular music. What everyone was listening, and what everyone loved. But when l say everyone, I mean the people who follow what's mainstream. Or, what I call mainstream slaves or slavery. I now listen to so many different types of music that people don't know what to think when they look at my music. I have everything from ke$ha to japanesse techno to yodeling to country to rock/emo/punk. I love it all and I love having the controversy on my iPod so that no matter what mood I'm in, I know that I'll have a song or two to listen to. M always listening to music. My alarm clock is my iPod, while I'm getting ready for the day I have my music playing. In the car there's neever a time when it's silent because I make sure sometype of music is playing. When I'm just walking around or with my friends my music is playing weather it's in my ears or on speakers. I fall asleep with my music in. Music = life; it's simple really.
Becacool97 Becacool97
13-15, F
Jul 30, 2011