At Work, In The Car, At Home Music Is There

I can't seem to go anywhere or be anywhere without the sound of music playing. I hate the quiet and music just makes me feel so relaxed and peaceful. Even though I like rock music and listen to it 90% of the time, it is what I love. When my favorite songs come on, it gives me a feeling I can't describe and takes me to another level. I can be sad or mad and I turn on my favorite tunes and it makes my troubles go away. Some songs remind me of certain people or happy events in my life and it helps me to cherish those memories. One way to punish me or torture me is to take it away from me and not let me listen. I would go out of my mind. I don't know why music does this to me but it is a big part of who I am. I attribute it to the time when MTV first came out and I was blown away by all the music and videos. It was easily my favorite show to watch on cable and I could always name the group/singer and name of the song. My boss is the same way at work and always encourages us all to turn our music on...he is a happy guy and always equates music with happiness. So I could never think of a time when music will not be in my life or a big part of it.
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Wonderful story ita nice to know im not the only one that needs music to survive. My radio is always on even when I'm sleeping. It keeps my room happy. Sometimes i will get headache if there is no music playing. Turn on the tunes and its all good!

I know what you mean! What would we do without music? I think it's got to be the biggest influence in my life....there are so many different styles and types that fit my different moods.

Take your small town stations, then multiply by a zillion, all jabbering like crazy, add a crummy comericial every few minutes, with the exception of the university station that's a glimpse of Mexican radio. Even several local friends have had be set them up with Sirius.

I live south of the border, for me Sirius Radio is magic. I have it in my truck, home, shop, sail boat and D-6 Cat. Needless to say it's never turned off, well at night, with music all during my day, I'm relaxed and sleep well. Music like water is life.

I am absolutely with you on that. I need Sirius Radio...I hate the few little stations we have in our small town. I can't imagine being in my car and listening to any type of music I am in the mood for at the time!

Music replenishes my soul! i think it's the most addicting part of my daily life. It blows my mind how much music has the power to shape my mood and feelings, for better or for worse. I think i read somewhere that music was around before language. I think it was a way to communicate through different vibrations to trigger different feelings in people. It's also funny how you will have forgot about a moment in time but as soon as a song kicks on you can remember that memory in vivid detail.

That's cool! I too live on music. Literally... well... coffee and nicotine too.

Lol me too minus the nicotine!