Born In Music!

I am a Kiwi born in may.. New Zealand music month!
Not a day goes by that i dont have my heart beats cranking.. music is good for the soul. it has the power to rise you up or make you fall. music is an expression of self in its purest form. music captures your heart and keeps memories for you. have you ever been to a party without some kind of music? if so please tell me how it even worked?! surgeons listen to music while doing surgery to help them keep clam and focus. strippers use it to give lap dances and lets face it the world needs strippers. artist use it as insperation. i could be here all day saying the reasons music is so great but at the end of the day no one needs to be told beacuse the day you get your first cd you know and your hooked forever. music IS life!!
MoxieDiamond MoxieDiamond
18-21, F
1 Response May 19, 2012

So true .Especially the part about how a song can keep memories for you. I hear a song that I havent listened to for awhile, a song that I used to play 24/7, and for a moment I am transported back to a different time and place.