**** Me Like You Mean It

J finaly admited that he hates me for what I've done to him. The cheating and everything else showing my *** to everyone. We just got done having sex. That's what it is sex he dosent **** me there's no pation. Fine you hate me **** me like you hate me. That's what I've wanted all along. I'm wearing a short purple dress and white knee high boots he loved it tonight at the resturant touching my *** at the table. Rubbing my thigh under the table. We get home he eats me out. It was good I didn't come or anything. I would rather use my toys He says he's going to **** me. And he spanked me one time.
I need him to grab my f uckn *** and bruse me. I need him to bit my neck and my nipples . God damn it **** me like you hate me. Tear my *** up slap it grab it till I tell you to stop. Squeeze my breast together. ***** my p ussy till I hurt . Squeeze and pull me yes every inch of me. Bite my earlobe call me a bit ch make me yell so you have to shove that gag in my mouth. Come on **** me like you hate me!
LizzyMcLady LizzyMcLady
26-30, F
2 Responses May 21, 2012

Sometimes you need it like that-- a nice rough ******* to remind you that he's the boss.

Sounds like you need a very rough dirty ****. A need to be treated like a **** and punished until you're begging for more.....