Oh Yes!

Lord have mercy, yes! Life is not worth living if you don't have access to art.  The purpose of art is to up lift and educate the soul.  Music has been the form of human expression I connect to most deeply.  From the first days when a bunch a primates in Africa made the transition into being human, they use music to express themselves.  The joyous sounds of music were essential in the lives of our ancestors.  Music is how they kept and transmitted their history,  philosophies, and how they give social instruction.  The music was what they used to commune with the universe around them during religious ceremonies, that how they talked to god.  The experience of giving yourself over to ecstasy through music was akin to giving yourself to God.  And it's still with us today, although many of us may not know.  It with us in the gospel and the blues.  It's there in jazz and classical, and electronic.  Even in Hip-Hop music I can hear the ancient call and response of African music.  I can feel the music in me and going through me; it present in my thoughts and my love making.  It just makes me feel so good that I can't imagine a world without music.
holloway64 holloway64
46-50, M
Nov 26, 2012