Is It Worth It?

I'm only fourteen years old, but I have a passion for music that is beyond my passion to live it seems. I truly believe that music is what I'm meant to do in life, my family disagrees with me.

In the past few months the only thought repeating in my head is the one that I need to share my music with people. The idea of being famous seems nice, but not if I have to compromise my artistic vision. The only thing I need is to share my music with people, and play music with people. I can get by with a little if I can still pursue what I want. I feel strongly enough about it that I would go hungry for days, if it would bring me closer to my dream.

Today I was talking with my father about it. No matter what I said about my dreams and everything the only response he would give me was. Education first. Education first. Education first.

Now I might be ignorant about what he says, but I can't listen to him. I feel as if when the time comes that I can do these things, that I need to devote my entire being to it. Plan B only distracts from plan A.

While talking with him about all of it, I truly realized how much this means to me when I started to cry. Now, I don't cry often, I think the last time I did was about two years ago. But today I truly realized how it means everything to me. Everything.

If I live to be 30 and become a failure in the music business, at least I tried and gave it everything that I had inside of me. I just can't live knowing that I could have been so much better, or could have been something. I don't want to live to wake up everyday, go to the same job, go home, see people in my home and then go to bed. That's not the life for me.

So I've come to the conclusion that maybe that life is good for some people, but for me it's not. I don't think I can lie to myself enough about what I want to live in that kind place. I need to live, express myself, share my music with people. So is it worth it? Yes.
PrimalFeeling PrimalFeeling
Jan 13, 2013