Bopping Thru Life

I really do believe that is how I've remained so light-hearted during the worse times of my life. I listened to music... 24/7, really...seriously. ;) I carry a boombox in my truck just to have it when I'm down by the river. I carry it with me to my house cleaning jobs. At work, night shift.. we rock on out as we hustle about. Here at home, my 3ft. old kissbutt speakers sounded off loud and proud right behind me. I even sleep to the sound of music. I feel the beats, it's calming, I hear each note, respond to every word sung.... I must always have music in my life!
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2 Responses Jan 23, 2013

Many, many times I end up driving for 9.5 hours after I have already been up for over 15. If I get too sleepy I have the good sense to pull over, but music lifts me. The time and the miles just float on by with the melody.
I also use books on tape, and they often work, but the music always works. I often sing along and find myself humming much of the day at work where we cannot have music. I would take a pay cut if we could.
I have no doubt that it is the music that helps keeps you so strong, with all you have been through.

when i have been pushing myself to the limits and i'm so very tired... i alway hum..unknown and same i do know *smile* just to keep me focused and on my feet. like now, body aches from work and i am bopping in my chair from the music.. soooo all is well!
i sing out loud alot in my truck.. in the down.. lol.. driving up next to another..they just look and grin. ;)

music is healing isnt it :)
its my soul food

mine too! I feed my soul well...may I add. *smile*

me too! I am doing 80's songs today - my guilty pleasure :-P