Air, Water, Shelter, Love....and Music!

I completely agree!  Music defines life for me.  It seems like every special moment of my life has a song attached to it.  Feelings of Love, sadness, betrayal, strength, instrospection, growth. 

My spouse is a professional musician.  Our home is filled with different instruments - piano, clarinet, recorders, harmonicas, drums, guitars, mandolin, ukelele, maracas, congas, djembes, etc., even a large gong.  Oh - and my singing bowl!

I LOVE to dance and sing! I love all kinds of music - with the exception of most country music.  And all bagpipes.  And some in-your-face opera, some overly-dramatic classical, some overplayed, dissonant jazz and some scratch-your-nails-across-the-blackboard death-thrasher metal music.

Lotusbud67 Lotusbud67
1 Response Nov 9, 2008

That's wonderful! I wish our home could be filled with that much music. We have classical instruments, however, I do not have enough time to recreationally play. No one else knows an instrument but me. I'd love to have a companion to play and sing with.<br />
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Music can date periods of time in my life. I could actually pick out a theme song for every year in my life. Kind of like a soundtrack to my life. And that's how important it should be to all of us!