My Crack

music is my drug, if i didn't have it i would go insane,and if there was no music how would i drown out the preppys?

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9 Responses Mar 19, 2009

he's a poser and a tool just look up Zac Effron on google or watch High school musical(ewwwwwwww)and you will know who i'm talking about

finaly someone get's what i'm talking about

Yes, everything about him. His acting, dancing and singing is just so awful and he is, like you said, a disgrace.

i agree and the way he reacts,his acting is so phony he is a disgrace to thespians and the theatre and acting in general

I hate his voice, its so annoying

so do i he's such a douchebag

Oh, okay, I thought you said 'drown them.' Oh my god, I HATE Zac Effron!

drown them out so i can't hear them talk about Zac Effron(ewwwwwwww)

Drown them?