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I had a friend, she was my best friend, we were Always together, if i needed her, she came running and vice versa.
I think the fact that she was always there for me "emotionally" that was how she kept me wrapped around her pinky (well one of the reasons).
Deep down i always knew and I tried to get away afew times but because we were so close and she would harras me and manipulate me I would come back and forget about everything she put me through. I liked to be needed, Im still dealing with that now.
She pushed me for 5years, the things she would say were horrible but I could'nt justify myself because she was so manipulitive and i would believe I was **** and she was a great friend (but not deep down) eventually i hated being around her but we were so close, I could'nt turn my back.
Luckily she pushed me way to far ( had to do with police and the verbal abuse of my grandfather in his home) and FINALLY I was free..she tried to justify herself but **** that, disrespecting my grandfather? ultimate betrayal.
My Ex bf, he was in a realtionship and I was not interested, but he was. He pushed and pushed and at 1st i thought he was crazy but over time he "charmed" me. Even then I had morals and would'nt go for a man in a relationship but there was something about him, and he wanted me so much and was not afraid to hide it that I felt wanted and needed. Just before any jealousy about his relationship kicked in, someone told his gf about me and they broke up. We spent all our time together and became a couple, i forgot all about the pig he was before because he changed and I was falling.
About 5 months later we broke up but he would'nt stop calling and texting me. I could'nt handle it anymore so I got a new cell ph. Then a few months later I changed my mind and contacted him via someone elses cell ph (just incase) and we made plans for coffee but he had to cancel because of a work trip which was fine until i found out he had a new gf went with him. I stopped txting him back, then he started txting my new ph constantly. i asked everyone I knew who gave him the number and nobody admitted it, so I just told him he had the wrong number. Then a year and a half later I decided he was'nt a pig, he still cared and had to move on with his life since I was'nt talking to him anymore so i contacted him to tell him i was sorry and to catch up, he wanted to be friends. Then he tried to get into my pants and i did'nt know how to react but I did'nt let him, I was confuised because of the way we broke up i thought he still cared (even though he was still with that same other girl). Then through the grapevine I heard him talking trash about me and he denied it and still continued to chat me up. It did'nt work so now I don't hear from him but i've heard some discusting things about him. I never would have known when I was with him, he was such a fake.
I think now my alarms bells will go off when i meet people like this, Also, if someone tries really hard to become your friend or to get involved with you, Beware! They are trying to target people who will give in because they like being wanted and thats a sign of vunerabilty, once they are in, they are in.
It does'nt mean im stupid, It means I care and I have nothing to be ashmed of, I just need to recognise my own kind, I need to be strong and not need people.
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Is it okey if I message you we have some things in common if you would be willing to talk:) my story is sort of well not so much the same but more of a teenage story still be willing to talk:) could I message you or you message me

Props to you - nothing like trimming the fat off your life.<br />
<br />
I had a similar circumstance a few years back where I cut out 85% of my friends - some of which had been in my life for over 25 years!<br />
<br />
I've never looked back once since that time and I can feel that burden lifted so I commend you for your actions!

Good for you. The first warning sign about these types is how much attention they seem to pay to you all of a sudden. It seems that as fast as they come into your life all of a sudden they're not interested in you anymore, they're on to pursue someone else. I don't know if you can prevent them from entering your life due to their persistence but it's important to recognize them and develop a thick skin regarding your relationship with them.