Only Cure For Toxic People Is Quarantine

I'm sure all of you have come across people who are so toxic they infect the rest of us in such a way we feel ill ourselves. The only medicine to cure this type of illness is to quarantine those people far from your family,relationships and work.

I'm sure you have experienced "Toxins" in your life that carry on about anything and everything. And it seems to drag on every time you are around them. You offer suggestions,advice, and even differant paths to choose from to no avail. It seems their minds seem to be infected by constantly being unhappy. And in the mean while dragging you down to their sess pool if you let them.

Why allow them in your lives to begin with? I've gotten pretty good at spotting people who are nothing but toxic waste of my time.
Who really needs them? I'd rather be happy hanging out with the happy go lucky type that you can have a good laugh with.

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Aug 5, 2010