Today I'm Getting A New Phone Number

I have had decades worth of therapies, that included going in & out of the hospitals.
This concerned hard core mental illness.from mental, emotional, spiritual, & physical abuse that included torture as a child.
I survived it all by using drugs at a young age as a coping mechanism.   I got off the needle at the age of 17 and was amazed I was still alive.
I raised my own family to the best of my abilities & when they were fully grown & gone, I started smoking crack cocaine because I was trying to stop the childhood memories from coming back.  I lost everyone & everything in my life & didn't' care because of it, including my kids & grand kids. 

I've been clean & single now going on 4 yrs and yet still will have times of missing the ex I used with.  It feels crazy because I know better.  Today I'm getting a new phone number so she can't call me anymore. I've ended the relationship too many times,  because once is all I really needed.  We'll go a year of no contact only then to try one more time to have a healthy relationship.  It never became physically abusive since I've been clean, but I will find myself letting her be disrespectful toward me.  Then I turn around & end it Again.  

Today I'm  getting a New Phone Number.
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2 Responses Aug 7, 2010

Hey You! Missed you too! I'm so glad you commented so I could find you! Love Ya Sis!

Hey!! Missed you!! New phone number sounds like a good idea to me. (it is me--hippyheart)