I Must Learnt To Let Go

well im 16 living in australia with my mom.

the rest of my family i sback in africa, and mom and i were planin on goin back home at the end of this year to get together wit our family like old times.

my grandma became sick   but then she became very well and was doin great in the hospital, doctors told us she would be out soon. saturday i was at my frends house n my mother called me and told me to get the very next train home. i was scared cuz i thought i was in trouble, then my aunty and uncle and all my frends started callin me tellin me to get home. so i got on the train n went home but i had that feelin that something wasnt right, when i entered my house i saw my mother crying and her frend walks up to me n hits me wit the news. " your grandma just died back in the hospital". i tried to run but everyone held me back. so i dint say a word i went and layed in the couch and dint say a word for 5 hours. i fell asleep and thats all ive been doin sleepin like crazy cuz im afrraid to face reality. it hurts because my grandma dint die from old age she was only 58 years old she died because africa is a poor nation and when they put the oxygen mask on her electricity went out. so she died. im hurting becuz i cant even go wit mom to africa because she has not enough money after i havent seen my grandma for 6 years im still not gonna say my final goodbyes. i dnt know how to cry, im just nutural, everyone's trying to get an emotion outa me but its not workin. so there i NEED SOME ONE TO TALK TO. im affraid its not FAIR

nickybabe24 nickybabe24
18-21, F
Mar 15, 2010