Playing With My Heart

I got married. Sponsored him. Brought him to Canada. He lived with me for 4 months and left without telling. We’ve been separated for 7 months. He’s been calling me for that past 7 months from India telling me that he loves me and that he’ll be coming back. He told me last week that hes booked his ticket and is coming back before valentines day. His phone shut off and he never showed. Now found out that he’s in another province altogether. He hasnt called me. He used me once again, so he could just get past customs without a worry. I had begged him to leave me alone after he had left 7 months ago. But he refused, PROMISED me he’d be back. I dragged his bullshit stuff with me when I was moving. He’s wasted soo much of my time. My whole life has been put off track because of this monster I used to think was my husband. Its hard to go on with my life knowing that someone used me. I opened my heart to him. Told him everything. Loved him more that life itself. I now KNOW I must get rid of these feelings for him. HE Doesn’t deserve my LOVE. I’m a beautiful, smart, funny, compassionate, confident Woman and I must move on. I know one day I will meet a sincere man who will love me just as I will love him. I know I deserve that much. It will take time to complete this goal. But with each and every passing day I shall get a little more stronger. I know there will be good days and bad. But I’m going to start on this path to recovery. Good Days are ahead.

twinkypink twinkypink
22-25, F
Mar 1, 2010