Always Check For An Invisible Cat

My late furry buddy, Night Train, was a beautiful black shorthair. She liked to sleep on this thing my mom bought for me that would provide massage and heat to my back, shoulders and legs. It, too, was black.  You can see where this is going. The "thing" was on a chair that I use to watch TV. One night, I went and nearly dropped down on the chair, all 200+ lbs. As I do this, I hear "ROWWWRR!" I spring up, twist around, and see my friend look at me very balefully, hiss at me, then get off the chair, and go trotting off down the hall. I don't know whether she was mad because I nearly sat on her, or that she saw this full moon (clothed) coming at her and it terrified her. All was forgiven a little while later, but from that point forward, I always checked, especially if the room was dark to make sure NT wasn't snoozing on the "thing". I miss you, my friend.
VoiceInTheWilderness VoiceInTheWilderness
Dec 13, 2011