Tilly the Ratbag

I have  a cat named Tilly who I saved from being euthanised as a little kitten.  She is part feral, part tabby and is the cutest thing I have ever seen BUT she definitely has a dark feral side to her! 

She currently is planning to take over the household and make all the other cats (Luna and Itty Bit) her ******* and I wake up to endless nights of kitty screams (not pleasant) and I am at the end of my rope!

IttyBit is 12 years now and she is not able to fend for herself alot and gets the crap beat out of her.  Luna is just a gentle soul and hates to fight and just runs away

Dilemma:  I want to keep her, how can I deal with her craziness??  I have tried to everything from meds (kitty prozac) to training.  She loves attention but cant stand it when attention is placed on the other kitties. 

So I have to take a deep breath and stop myself from sitting on her....
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3 Responses Jun 4, 2007

Let Devil Kitty have her own time..then crate her while you tend to the other babies.

My mother in law who has 7 cats seperates the nice ones from the mean ones at night.

This story was too refreshing and funny! I had to give it a 5!!