...or My Girlfriend Will Kill Me!

A few weeks back I finally relented and agreed with my girlfriend that we would have a cat. I'm not the boss of course, being a man, but we at least have a kind of democracy going.

So any way, the cat. Kitten actually, named 'Mal', short for Malcom Reynolds, from the TV series Firefly.

Being young, he is still 'anatomically intact', and because my girlfriend dotes on him -so- much, he adores her, and, basically, considers her to be his - not mine! So what happens is one night we go to bed and wake up to find there's a wet patch - not just any wet patch - a wet patch of urine, on -my- side of the bed!

At that point, I had to say to myself something along the lines of "I must not sit on the cat", although I wasn't actually thinking 'sit on'! I forgave him in the end, until he did it again the next night, at which point I declared, that's it, no more cat sleeping on the bed! Next night? He pushed the door open and came in any way, and pee'd on me again! Now I have to keep something heavy by the door just to stop myself from being pee'd on! I MUST NOT SIT ON THE CAT! I MUST NOT SIT ON THE CAT! I MUST NOT SIT ON THE CAT! I MUST NOT SIT ON THE CAT!

I figure if I keep telling myself that, he'll be ok. Second he's old enough, I'll by saying, "I must remove his manhood!"
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3 Responses Jul 30, 2007

Heh heh - or the door! ;o)<br />
<br />
We're actually getting on better now, I think I've warmed to him. He's actually been on the bed a couple of times this week and not used it as a toilet! :o)

hahaha, what a stubborn cat :P you should teach him to use the toilet just like any other animal :P hehe

Frustrating, absolutely funny stuff.