I Tried To, By Mistake, And Then....

... the cat clawed on my butt "Bipeds don't have nine lives".
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4 Responses Oct 5, 2006

I've never sat on my cat. I accidentally threw a wet towel on her once, though.

Cats and people have to learn how to get along almost as much as people have to learn to get along with eachother. <br />
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The problem with people is they never seem to be where you can sit on them. <br />
<br />
Cats should know better than to sit in your spot!!<br />
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I don not know if I should wind up my butt, or scratch my watch, over this little story, but it did make me laugh!<br />
<br />

If you sat on my cat you would not have to worry about the cat you would have to worry about me and what I would do and I wouldn't scratch your butt either.

This entry was so unexpected and stupidly funny, I found myself ROFLMAO!!