My Husband is king of his castle.

Before I surrendered to my Husband we were fighting a lot. You can't have a team without a captain or so it seems, you just get conflict and tears because one of you always wants to be in charge.
I realise now that men are created to have power over women in the same way that woman are created to give birth and nurture children. Some men cannot cope with that God given power though and will not make good husbands. Lucky for me I have a fantastic Husband. I have the utmost respect for him and trust that the decisions he makes are always in my best interests. Being a surrendered wife is a path that I choose. For our marriage it is the best thing.
Sometimes I slip up and I am not always respectful of my Husband. He works very hard all day to earn money so that I can stay at home and foster children. It is disrespectful when I slack off and don't do the chores I'm supposed to because I'm spending too much time on the computer. I feel very guilty when I haven't been a good wife and this for me is what drives me to be better. For the most, I manage to do what's right because pleasing my Husband pleases me although I am working on way in which I will be more accountable to him in our marriage.

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I agree on the whole but I would like to add that sadly, not all men are superior to women. There are some that are unable to uphold the responsibilities that nature intended and they cannot perform like real men should. These men may be lay-abouts, violent, or addicted to drugs and alcohol. No woman should submit to a man like that! Luckily though, most men are strong and able to protect and provide for their family and these men deserve much more respect than they are currently getting.

Are you disciplined when you do not obey?
I'm terrible I don't know why I push him other than to make him step up. I want him to be king

Men are superior to women, that is just a plain fact and it is also a blessing to both sexes if they discover and embrace their true places: Man as Yang, leader, protector, provider and occupier women as yin, follower, nurturer, pleasurer and accommodater. A woman's place is serving her Husband and nurturing his family. That is natures way for humanity and those who don't like that beautiful fact make the world a worse and stupider place.

Harriet Harman? Not by me. I believe she has done some good, minimum wage and fuel payments for the elderly but it's over shadowed by the problem that she is a raging feminist and hates men. She's also had a huge amount of driving convictions which he has got off extremely lightly from, probably due to the fact that she is an MP, I don't think most of us would be so lucky.

The modern feminist movement in my mind really kicked in around 1970. People talk about different "waves." If you recall my story on feminism and sex there were serious problems even with the 19th century feminist movement. I believe women's suffrage was delayed because of the genuinely obnoxious features of those feminists. That may shock you for me to say, but I'm judicious and I'm a history person, and I wouldn't say that without cause. Certainly you would have to agree that what I wrote about previously, their overt campaign against marital sex, was obnoxious. There was more. <br />
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But these modern feminists are not owed any respect or gratitude for women's suffrage. Well before their time. <br />
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With this more chronologically narrow definition of feminism, do you really think the majority are on board with it? Is that man-hating Laborite big shot Harriet what's-her-name popular in the UK?

I am left wing. A socialist, but it doesn't mean that I support all this new age, desecration of family values. Some things from feminism have been good, votes for women for example, I wouldn't want to loose my vote but all this political correctness means we are loosing our voice and that's not definitely not good.

I actually don't think the majority of citizens really have a high regard for feminism. I think it's the majority of the elite who do. I noticed that on EP some time back somebody asked a question about what people thought about feminism and about 90% of the large number of responses of both men and women were negative. We need people to get their facts together and have the courage to speak up against feminism. What you've done in this regard is great. If people want to be able to make the case against feminism, all they need to do is spend some time on, a site which is not extreme or hateful, just strong-minded and packed with accurate information.<br />
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What you describe about the requirements to be a foster parent is beyond chilling. It is outrageous intolerance and rank discrimination. They are in effect saying only left-wing people are fit to be foster parents, or else others must be willing to violate their own consciences.

Yes. With regard to your original point about feminist school teachers though, Today is a world where feminism is accepted by the majority as being the only acceptable way so you would be up against great opposition if you were to teach against it. I see that in the world of fostering. It is expected that you do not teach the children about traditional marriage values and they would have a fit if you dared to attempt to state that men should lead or indeed to advocate marriage in general. You are expected to teach that homosexuality is normal and completely acceptable too and cannot favour any religion above others. Especially not Christianity. It would also be be extremely dangerous to do other wise and I expect more so in the teaching world because of the national curriculum.

Haven't spoken with her. She's the daughter of my cousin. I've given her a number of books for Christmas, but I've never met her. That's unfortunate.

Was your relative male or female? Did you ever ask what their opinion of it was?

Men get labeled "controlling" at the drop of a hat. Women don't, and that's not fair. Part of the problem, I think, is feminist schoolteachers who try to make boys feel masculinity is something bad. Christine Hoff Summers has written about this in The War On Boys, which I gave for Christmas to a young relative who's becoming a schoolteacher.

Really do you think they do? I wonder actually how many women there are who are just crying out for a man who will be man enough to dominate them and stop them behaving the way they do. Trouble is I fear there are not that many men out there who would be willing to do it. The risk of being branded abusive is too great.

Some women think they want a pliable man whom they can dominate or out-maneuver. But they don't seem to retain interest in such a man too long. And they end up shagging with some biker!