Advice Please - Newly Submissive

Hi. I am a very newly submissive wife. Like most of us, I keep this choice to myself. I have told my husband that he is boss now and any decisions are his. Told him I am his for whatever and whenever he wants to take me and I will never tell him no again and will not nag him any more.
He seems a bit shocked by the new me and doesn't discuss this subject with me at all...he is just carrying on as normal. Am I doing this right? Is his reaction normal in this situation ?
I would be soooo grateful for any answers or tips and advice from like minded people here. Would love some new friends to be able to discuss my choice of being submissive .
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Good morning all my new friends! Well it is morning here in a very cold and snowy Icey UK. Thanks so much for the replies.aquiet 1 - it is a relief to hear that I am not the only one who has a husband with passive tendencies.
Anonimacy - I wish I had the guts to talk to him or email him stuff on this subject but to be honest I really am just too shy or embarrassed to do either. I did tell him my decision via text andvI do re-enforce what I told him by slipping something into conversation quite regularly but I really feel like dying when I do that. I suppose that is because I really don't know how he feels about my decision to stop fighting him and to surrender instead.
Laserx-everything you write is written in such a beautiful and intelligent way, you seem so full of wisdom, thank you for sharing x

Hey Hav1, I'm new into submission as well. My husband was so passive and reluctant. We're still crawling at a snail's pace, but we're getting there. Give him time. just be submissive. Say something, give him time to digest it, bring it up again a few days later. Hang in there. It will be a bumpy road, but it will be worth it.

Hello Hav1!
Glad you're happy and so sure about this. Sounds like you're really one of us!!! As for your husband, well, give him some time. This may shock any modern man you know. He'll adjust. Have you shared any info from this site or the takeninhand one? Maybe choosing some and emailing to him? I did that on the beginning and it worked, especially since I felt somewhat embarrassed to talk openly back then.
I wish you both luck!!!!!!

Hello laserx ! Thank you so much for your kind and encouraging words. I honestly and truly do believe in being a submissive wife and so much want my man to be head of our household :-) I can't explain even to myself why I suddenly believed in submitting to my husband - I have always been so headstrong and independent , but then I expect that this is what was the cause of our constant bickering. I am not hugely religious although I think I believe that there is a higher being than us but I do feel it as if an angel has visited me and shown me the way. I know I sound like a mad woman now but I am just trying to explain how my sudden change has the way I am not saying that I have seen an angel lol x

Wow Michelle..I bet when your husband said that to you that made you soooo excited! I can imagine that you were also filled with trepidation about what he has in store for you - I know I would be !! We have done anal in the past on a couple of occasions. I know (at least I think) that him doing me this way is a real turn on for him. I have recently brought it up whilst we were making love and I have a feeling that any time soon he may well try this again.the thought of giving him what he desires gives me butterflies. Since I made my decision to change for the better I even have great pleasure in doing his ironing! If you knew me well you would know how funny that is because I loath ironing lol.

Oh spelling mistake sorry...should have said 'such a strong...'

You sound very lucky to have duh a strong and responsive husband...I really hope mine will be too! If my husband wanted to do anything at all kinky then I would be only too happy to oblige :-) whatever he wants-I will o it for him.

Thanks Michelle. I love your positive comments and warmth in your replies xx although sex is a huge part in being submissive, I am finding that there is a fine line on here with the idea of a submissive wife , lotsofpeople seem to think it goes hand in hand with leather, riding crops and collars. I am in the camp of really wanting to be an extension of my husband, honouring and obeying him, making him happy to be home with me, doing everything that I possibly can to help him.

Hi there Michelle. I am very new to being submissive. Only a couple of weeks! I have argued with my husband continually about everything ever since we met. I think it was basically a power struggle all the time between us.At times I have been so sad by the way we are that I seriously considered divorce.I came across this life choice of being submissive to your husband by complete accident whilst browsing the Internet. I was intrigued as everything I read seemed to sum up our marriage and my behaviour. It is honestly as if a light has shone down on me and shown me the way to true happiness.I am under no doubt now that being submissive to my husband is how marriage should be and it all makes complete sense to me that this is the way to a very happy marriage. I can't stop thinking about my husband now, I feel sexually aroused ALL the time. Already I hate it and feel very uncomfortable when my mother or friend says anything damning to me about my husband.
My problem is that he works in another country all week so is only home on weekends and I feel so frustrated as I want him here so that as can please .