No Reasoning With the Unreasonable...don't Even Waste Your Time

I had a stressful encounter recently with someone very unreasonable (And quite stupid to boot).  I tried to use reason and common sense with her, but it was useless.  So, I gave up finally.  What a waste of energy and time. 

My ex SIL saw on a blog I posted a comment about running into her in the store and that I had written that I did not like her as she used to talk about me behind my back to my ex MIL.  It was like one sentence long. Well... I did not use her name and she is not the only SIL I have had.  I had not spoken to her in like 8 years and had NO idea she even knew I had a blog, less likely read it.  But, she outed herself and told on herself.

She must know it is true as she got offended and very defensive, admitting basically it was true if u think about it and she did not even bother to deny it until far into the conversation which is what this argument was about in the first place.  If someone accused me of something I did not do, it would have been the first thing I brought up.  She got on there making fun of me for being autistic and for having had psychosis a long time ago.  Then she kept denying she made fun of that in the first I had to copy and paste her own words and she STILL denied it.  She is missing something upstairs.... Definately living somewhere that is not on Earth. 

To make a long story short, she kept accusing me of things in MY ex marriage that my ex husband told everyone. (I had no idea why we were even discussing my ex marriage of over 8 years ago)  She doesn't know how to mind her own business and believes everything she hears.  I finally had to tell her to go read our divorce court transcript if she was that eager for the truth.  I wasted alot of time and energy trying to explain things to her that were none of her business, but she admitted she emailed my blog to my ex MIL (WTF! How lame) so I had to write some things out because she was reading it. 

I have had to deal with these lies he spreads about me after almost 8 years still.  Pathetic.  He supposedly ran up a bunch of credit cards after we split up and is now apparently blaming me for them when we had none... among other lies he is still spreading to this day.  Get over it.  What a manchild that can't take responsibility for his own actions. He is pathetic.  Marrying that child was the worst mistake I ever made and that is saying alot.  Now also, my hubby has to hear lies my ex is STILL spreading to this day about me at his WORK by ex's new gf's own mom!

Finally, she ended up apologizing (Although I don't think she really meant it) and it is over now.  But, that online fight ended up spanning off and on for about 4 days time.  A waste of time and probably none of them will believe a word of it.  But, at least I got my defense out for the first time in over 8 yrs! Talking reason and common sense and even facts (backed up by proof!) with that girl was a total waste of time.  Looking back on it, I would have handled it differently now.  So, if you come across someone like that, don't waste your time trying to reason with them.  There is no reasoning with the unreasonable...

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2 Responses Mar 13, 2009

I agree wholeheartedly, you can't reason with someone like that so I don't even try anymore.<br />
However, if it gave you some relief to have gotten some of it out in the open, then it may have been worth it.<br />
However, I think you need to stop that blog and start over with a new username & limit who can read it!

Damn straight. That's why I ignore most people, and don't really care what they say about me if it isn't true. And if it is, chances are, I'm not ashamed of it.