I really need to stop and I will soon enough.  I'm coughing due to it!  I need being brave and put a stop to it!  Harder said then done and it's gotta be done.
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Hi there all, my name is Amanda. My husband has been an ex-smoker now for 2 years. No-he didnt go cold turkey, no he didn't ween himself down, no he didnt suffer the agony of night terrors by downing chantix every day. He simply found an alternative: What is that you might ask? Modified. Electronic. Cigarettes, and they are the rare thing that are good enough to be true and can be all you ever need to keep your habit but ditch the smoke and 500 chemical-aspect of it. We believe in it so much, that we now are a part of the industry and couldnt be more excited for people to make the it is SOO much cheaper than ciggies. if you are serious about an alternative, jvmodshop has everything you need and the how-to sections will completely educate you more about it, don't wait because this is smoking of the future. :) google jvmodshop

Hi, I have heard of the electronic cigarette. I may give it a try. I am desperate to quit. Thanks.

I quit a few times but managed to start again.Im about ready to give it another try !

Yeah, I haven't had the chance to stop yet and I'm about too even if its hard...I can't stand it anymore. I smoke to smoke and not because I like it.

I started back after 22. Yrs. Crazy I know.

Holy crap! It is things that happens... Are you planning to quit again?

Yes. I've cut back already. It's been five months since I started back. We'll quit together. ???????

I'm proud of you, you cut down...Yes, let's do it together ... :)

I like how that sounds.

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Try this..... Don't think you are quitting..... when u feel like having a cig. say no not THIS ONE ! that may help u to cut down and quit . :-)

This is a good tip. Thanks! :)

Lakeland fl and I won't let you have any cigs. just for starters ! :-)

LOL ... That will be hard!

Come here n I'll help ! :-)

Where are you and how can you help?


do good to yourself ....give it a chance then.

Yes, I have to try to kick this habbit...hard!