Introducing Me to Wonderful People

I found a wide variety of wonderful people here at EP who can converse on a variety of subject both seriously and in good humor.  There is a great sense of camaraderie for the most p[art and shared love and support.  For that I am most grateful.

nudeinva nudeinva
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13 Responses Feb 21, 2009

@pixelita - thank you so much for your wonderful friendship, sexiness and plain old wonderfulness!

@TendereyesPrincess - your words of love,emotion and passion are breathtaking and wonderful. You are indeed a wonderful friend and gift<br />
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@mawdog - welcome to a great community and enjoy yourself here!

There are wonderful people here Nude and such a diverse community...too bad the rest of the world can't be like us! :-) I'm glad to have met you and my other EP friends!

@flourlady111 - you are such a breath of fresh air ans sunshine, thank you so much<br />
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@IndyJoe - thank you for all your comments and contributions here at EP, your well thought out and celar stories and comments are fantastic

@intrepedtraveler - you my dear are special beyond words, thank you so much for everything<br />
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@newdaydogEP - keep hanging around because I enjoy your jokes and your comments

ya i have just found Ep and so far i have quite enjoyed it. has been nice to find people who share my lifestyle that i do and can joke around with each other in a loving manner.

@mewold - thank you my friend, you amke life here on EP fun and happy<br />
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@chris914 - yes there are many different people and I enjoy seeing your comments here

I will definitely second that motion!!

im grateful for all of you guys thats what friends are for----dionne warwick!!!!!!

im grateful for all of you guys thats what friends are for----dionne warwick!!!!!!

Yeah this place has its virtues. I was just passing through and decided to hang around a while!

I agree. There are many different types of people here. that makes it a great place to be.

Once again, I am behind nudeinva. That is NOT a good place to stand. But he is so right, and he is one of those who make EP such a good place to be.