I don't have anyone I could talk to, but I am dying for sex. I was sex deprived as a kid, because my parents controlled my life too much. They consider sex as a kid of sin. In the school I was quite a good pupil and they wanted me to become an economist. I even started with my economy studyng and was successfull in the begining . But ,stil as a school kid , I ws ************ every night. I had to be carefull that my parents don't find it out.

While my school frieds (girls) were dreaming about romanitc relationships, I was dreaming about having sex. But, they almost al lhad boy frinds, and my parents did not allow me to have any contact with boys.

With time my concentration started to get worse and worse, because I found myself ever more feeling strongly unsatisfied. masturbatin just during the night ws not enough any more. I started to fail and left the school.

With 21 I found my first secret lover. My parents should not know about him. he was experienced and I was scared at the beginning, but I needed it and listened everything he said in spite of that. I did not want any marriage, just him to stay arround, but he found a job and moved. He did not want to keep touch with me because my parents were not rich and he always had as many woman he wanted.

As Ifailed school, my parents insisted me to marry a man I did not like and who was older then me. They thought he might be right like they wanted. But he ws impotent and very neurotic. He had the very small and soft one, I was never satisfied, and we did it extremely rarely. In the meantime I tried despreately to find a lower, and I managed, but as I was very controlled, and could not meet them when I they wanted,most of them did not had patience and just went. When I was dying of desire and tried to call some, they often did not answer at all. I managed to get some sex toys and to keep them secretly inthe house, because my parents lived with us and his mom sometimes came for a while (few month or similar), so I was practically never alone.

It even comes to me t odo it at public places ,and then I must run away as quick as possible to a safe place to try to do something. I also lost most of my ex-female frineds, just friends, because most of them are also married and semm not to have suchproblems, but suffer more of the "don't know what to do with myself"deseases and lack of any empathy. I am desperated, what should I do?

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CCome to Connecticut in the us and ill give you as much **** as we can both handle.

WOW I'm so sorry you have to live like this. Its so sad that you aren't able to enjoy your sex life, as it sounds like you have a wonderful gift of being very sexual and willing to enjoy your physical abilities.

I hope you find a way to cope and meet your needs. That sounds like a terrible situation to live in day to day. I can't even imagine.

I think that it istime for you to start being a bit naughty without too many others even realising...
Add me and lets chat about your options.

add me too plsss!!!

Hi, I write as a male who is always looking for sex, a relationship where I can not only have sex but feel the very close feeling from touch, a kiss, a hug may sound odd but I would love to find someone to share this with. So I hear what you are saying, I think you also love the sex, but would like to feel that special sensation with your partner, let me know what you like to do, I would love to discuss with you.

Hmm sounds like things are rather complicated... It sounds like you are rather unhappy and unsatisfied as things are so I guess you should try your best to either make things better as they are or try to leave and find your happiness elsewhere away from all the control and maybe then you can actually have some time by yourself if you want and do whatever you want...
Though there is also that thing with your family... leaving will probably not go so well with your family and all that maybe there is some good solution that I haven't thought off... sorry I don't really know what you should do but in the end it is you that are in the position and you who probably knows best so I hope you will figure out some way to make things better so you will get to be happier