I'm not really sure where to start......

There is just so much to appreciate when it comes to a womans breasts.

The shape, the texture, the way they react when you run your fingers or tongue over the nipple or how they get heavier and more sensitive when aroused.

I love seeing the outline of a hard nipple underneath a tight top and wonder what the "owner" is thinking about.

Small and tight with dark nipples that just cry out for attention...

Large and heavy and needing to be traced with a finger or tongue....

It would be impossible to pick just one favorite when there are just so many breath-taking examples to be seen. Thank God for all the amazingly generous ladies here on EP willing to let us admire and appreciate.

MissSass MissSass
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i agree , licking and tasting and gently feeling it in my mouth and feeling it grow feels so good, please add

All of that!!


photos please

The more the merrier wile!!!

Are we guys invited to this party?

Wonderful. Sign me up!

I think this is one of the best ideas I have ever heard! I would absolutely love a mutual breast appreciation day!

Oh my. Oh my, my, my, my, my.<br />
<br />
Who can disagree with this? 8)

Bravo!<br />