Angels And Sinners

I decided to try out another adult cinema near where I live. Got there about 11am, and met the owner, friendly guy who showed me around and said it was £8 for all day in the cinema.
I paid my money and went in. I was surprised how much better than the other one it is. There were leather sofas and boxes of tissues around, and it was clean.
After my eyes had adjusted to the darkness I saw there was about 6 guys in there, and a woman who was sitting wanking one of the guys off as another had his **** in her mouth. I got my **** out and started to watch them, she was no spring chicken, but hey, a mouth is a mouth right?
As I wanted to spend the day there I thought I would give her a miss and take my chances to see if other women came in. Well I wasn't disappointed. about an hour later, a young curvy black girl came in and sat directly behind me. As soon as she sat down, she removed all her clothes, got a vibrator out and started to play with herself.
Other guys began to crowd round and watch, touch and **** over her as she began moaning. I reached over and began rubbing her **** as she used her vibe, other guys were sucking her nipples and rubbing her legs and ***. A few more guys came in and it started getting a little crowded, so I backed off and watched, rubbing my **** for a while.
The door opened and a couple came in, sat near me and watched the action going on behind me. We got chatting and they said they come here to watch and play infront of others but they dont allow touching. She was pretty hot so I would of been happy to watch them, and I was really turned on that she was sitting there chatting to me as I was openly wanking my stiff **** infront of her, which she kept glancing down at.
It continued like this all day, two more couples came in, one as she was sucking her guys **** opened her legs and allowed anyone who wanted to lick and finger her to help themselves.
About 2pm the hot girl I have been chatting to started sucking her guys **** as I still sat right next to them. I was as close as I could be to her and trying to not ***, I wanted to see her!
after a while she got on her knees on the sofa as her guy started fingering her, and she loved it. Her head was right next to me and as he brought her off time after time, she kept leaning on me, and grabbing my arm or leg as she tensed from amazing *******.
I thought I would whisper in her ear as she was getting fingered into extasy by her guy. She came time after time, throwing her hair around and pressing against me, and when she arched her back her breasts rubbed against the tip of my ****. She must of *** 9 or 10 times, her guy thought it was funny to keep her going as everyone was watching and wanking over his girl. I wanted to *** so much, it was so sensual and erotic to have her leaning against me and holding me as she came. This went on for about 45 minutes, her non stop *******, and me trying desperately not to explode.
Finally her guy started to slow down and she calmed down a little, but as she had her head resting on my shoulder, she turned and whispered "thank you" as her hand slid around my **** and she started wanking me against her breasts. I blew my load instantly over her breasts and she smiled.

After that they left, and there were no more women in there, when I thought it was time for me to go too. I think I have found a new playground which I will be going back to as often as possible.
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5 Responses Aug 15, 2011

Great story, my girlfriend and I once visited an adult theater....we like to exhibit our genitals in public. Now we switched to webcam sex....

That's great, can we watch?

Sure..we're on CAM4...with the name hornytwosom

Great, I'll check it out later

Your new playground is better than my playground! Great story. Thanks

I'd love to tink xx

Hi fun1950gal, it is a great place :)

Sounds like a wonderful experience. It is nice to find the rare theater where everyone just does what they enjoy.