He's supposedly plotting plots and being dastardly.  Yet he creates this group, and no story?  No evil plan? 

Well I have a plan... and it's already been executed...

I stole the first story from you!  Mwaahahahahahahahahahaha!  It's mine, all mine! 


Being evil is kinda fun! 
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6 Responses Mar 17, 2012

Muhahahaha............... When I start a group, I imeadiately write my story before some villian, (like you or sylph), speeds off with it. lololol I'm so damn smart I sometimes scare myself. Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha..... OPPS! .................................

Oh Mewold... the dastardly villain is slooooowww... can't keep up with the wenches... tsk tsk... ;p

Is this the group for the criminally insane or just the insane? Or perhaps both? Hmmm... This will make for an interesting case study. Muahahahahaha.... Muahahahahaaaha... Mua.. ha ahh ah *cough cough* *gets inhaler and takes two puffs*... Where was I? Oh yeah.. Muahahahahahaaah...

Define insanity. x p

The state of being seriously mentally ill; madness. Arrggh, I am so annoyed with myself. If I was truly evil I would have given you the wrong definition, waiting for that day when someone asks you to define insanity and there you would repeat the false definition that I gave you. By the time you realize your error, my plan will already be in motion and there I would appear, and I would laugh for seeing my plan come to fruition. I've already taken two puffs from my inhaler this time so I can laugh with unobstructed breathing. Muahahahahaaa...

Sadly,I just can't get ahold of this being evil business. I think I've got mad down to a tee though. :-) Yeah I'd settle for that.

It's a trap. Don't wait for me. Save yourselves. Tell the oth

The dastardly one always has spindly legs so he can sneak around.

Yup! Sneaking goes well with being sloooowww... *checks to see if the skinny legs are hairy... gets razor* ... this helps to be more aerodynamic. ;p

No...get out the wax and rip those hairs off ;p

Oooohh... he just might enjoy the pain. ;p

Duh? Sylph is always green... *shows you her tattoo*

*giggles like a crazy faerie... high fives with Taken*<br />
Points for the wenches...!!! *bounces on sloooowwww Dean*

*mwaahahahas with Taken while bouncin* He'll be all hyped up when he gets back...

*prepares wand*