We Want The Baby Home

my 16 year old daughter has a 1 year old baby. Every since the baby was born it has been one dilemma after another. The baby's paternal grandmother lives in another state from which my daughter and her baby live. The baby's father also lives with my daughter. My daughter and the father took the baby to visit with the paternal grandmother. They visited with the grandmother for about 4 months and then came home. In the meantime the grandmother was working on papers to take the baby away from them. My daughter came home. About a month passed and my daughter was served with court papers in the other state saying she was suing for custody of the baby. The papers were not signed by a judge. I consulted with a lawyer about the papers and the lawyer told me that this other state had no jurisdiction out here. This other state went ahead and granted the paternal grandmother custody of the baby. We fought it here where we live. My daughter had to go through the department of social services and my whole family was put through the ringer. This woman has told lie after lie on my family with no proof of anything because there is no proof. The state we live in decided that they had jurisdiction over the baby. The department of social services and the county police both testified in court that there was no reason to take the baby away from her mother. The paternal grandmother turned around. came to where we live and kidnapped the baby. The state she lives in is refusing to let my daughter have her baby back and is letting this woman get away with murder. This woman has stolen my daughter's social security card. She has stolen her daughters social security card. This woman has committed perjury in the courtroom and this judge is letting her get away with it. I know this seems hard to believe but it is all true. I have had to rob peter to pay paul and borrow money from my family and friends to pay for an attorney where I live and the other state where my grand baby is being held hostage. This woman has made slanderous remarks about my family over and over again. My daughter has missed the baby's first thanksgiving, her first birthday, and we were considering this her first Christmas because she was only 2 weeks old last Christmas. We still have our tree up and gifts under it. We are not celebrating Christmas until she comes home. To top it all off this was my dad's first great-grand baby and the stress from all of this has caused him to have a massive heart attack and he passed away on October 25 of this year. My mother never got to know the baby because she passed away on February 12 of this year with cancer. My daughter and her father have already had to make two trips to this other state fighting for this baby. In court the paternal grandmother got to get on the stand and tell her side. My daughter and her boyfriend only got to say yes and no. They could not tell their side. This woman is a ********, her two sons have been in and out of trouble since they were 10 years old. The one son has not been in trouble since he met my daughter. I have six kids and none of them have been in trouble with the law. The state I live in is still trying to get this woman extradited back here on the kidnapping charges. I have been told by several attorneys and someone from our governor's office that I have a lawsuit against the state she lives in.
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1 Response Dec 31, 2006

i understand what you are going though...my mother is the same way.