My 36 Hours Dressed As A Women

Actually I miss calculated , it was only 30 hours! Saturday I met a new found friend for some shopping. We grabbed a bite of lunch then We drove to my friends house. Once there, he asked if I needed to do a body shave. I assured him I was shaved from the neck down. I removed my male clothing and put on a pair of panties I had just purchased. I then put on the white nylons and garter belt, bra and slip. My friend suggested I wear a pair of Breast forms that he had. he slid them in my bra. We then went into his bathroom and he put nail polish on my fingernails,false eyelashes on me, put mascara, eye liner, eyeshadow, foundation, blush and lipstick. He then put a blonde long wig on me. We then walked me into his bedroom and helped me into a pretty white and pink floral dress and high heels. He put a necklace ,clip on errings and bracelets on each of my wrists. He dabbed perfume behind my ears and on my wrists. He then walked me to a full length mirror where I saw my self completely dressed as a women. He applied his makeup and dressed as he helped me. It was shocking to see me as a women, but it was also very very exciting!!! He went into his living room to enjoy girl talk and enjoying our femininity. I did have to remove the heels because they were a little tight. I did put on a pair if ballet slippers that he had given me. We had cocktails on his balcony before dinner. Around 10 pm we changed out of our dresses and put on our nightgowns. Around 11pm I did remove the wig and makeup and we went to sleep. This morning we woke up, he redid my makeup and put the wig back on me. Around 9am we put our dresses back on and stayed that way until 7:30 this evening when I removed all the women's things and put my men's clothing back on. I came home, showered and am now sitting here in my nightgown. I did enjoy dressing. U think the hardest thing was trying to sit like a women with my knees together!
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7 Responses May 20, 2012

That week-end dressup.....GO FOR IT GIRL !!!!!

Wonderful wish I was there with you. I love being a girl

Oh WOW, how lucky you are to have such a "gurl" friend to shop and "dress" with. I've often wondered how such an experience like that would be but have never had the opportunity. I have been out for lunch and shopping with other CD'ers but no dressing sessions. (Sadly only 1 time with each of the 2 I've shopped with.) To this day have no idea what Berta really could look like, sad to say! Possibly your next step might be to attend some of the Cross-dressing Week-ends or cruises that are advertised all over the web. We even have one here in Massachusetts in the fall, I think, out in Provincetown on the tip of cape Cod.

Sounds like you are on a very special "journey". I hope all works out for you and Andrea. I commented above because I wanted you to be fully aware of what quite possibly will transpire within you as your feminine side and the need to satisfy it grows stronger and stronger until it becomes like an obsession! This is the path most CD'ers I'm acquainted with have had to accept and live with either openly (lucky them) or "in the closet" like a good many of us.

Have always wondered how it would be to have a friend to dress with.<br />
<br />
I'm older now and think that I am passed this type of thing, but sometimes I do dream about it. <br />
<br />
You are lucky, you are doing it. GOOD FOR YOU AND KEEP IT UP.

good for you hon, it is nice to be yourself.i too had the best time in my life dressed with <br />
another dresser, it was the most perfect day

Wow! Cooooooooool!!!

Good for you. Yes you should spend an entire weekend as a girl ... especially if you go out in public.