Baby Fantasy 2

Be a baby that is diapered ad taken care of by a mommy. Wakeup in my crib in the morning having a mommy come into my baby nursery to get me out of my crib to change my soaked diaper. My mommy would change my diaper and just leave me in just a diaper with nothing else on until after breakfast time. After my diaper change mommy would take me to the the kitchen to ***** me into my high chair to get me ready for breakfast. After being I am all set in my high chair mommy would put a bib on me and bring my food over to start feeding my food making choo choo and airplane noises to get me to open my mouth to get the spoon full of food into my mouth then. Done with breakfast mommy would clean my face and hands off then let me down from my high chair checking me diaper to see if I wet or pooed my diaper. Mommy would put me in my playpen for a little bit, so she could eat breakfast herself and giving me a bottle of baby formula to suck down while I am sitting in my playpen watching baby shows on tv for a little while. After mommy was done eating breakfast and cleanup everything she would come into the livingroom tro check up me and my diaper to see if I did anything in my diaper and she would notice that my diaper was wet to get me changed again. I would be back i my nursery on the diaper changing table getting a new diaper on and then having my mommy dress me for the day in a onesie or some other baby clothes.
Mommy would pull out a pram and make me lay in it while she took me for a walk outside for a while. I would feel the comfort of the pram while mommy would pushing me with me sucking on my pacifier and fall asleep by the end of the walk. After getting back home from the walk mommy would notice that I was asleep in the pram and pick me up out of the pram then lay me down in my crib for a short nappy time before lunchtime. After waking up from the short nappy time I would be cold and wet with a poo filled diaper on I would begin to cry in my crib with mommy coming into the nursery to comfort me and change my little diaper. Then I would be in my high chair again for lunchtime having mommy feed me my food and getting all messy again. After lunchtime mommy would come outside in the backyard to watch me while I played in my sandbox or in my little baby pool for most of the afternoon before I had to be put down for my afternoon nappytime. Then after my afternonn nappytime it would be dinnertime and than it would be my bathtime with my mommy getting te bath water all nice and warm for me. I would play with my baby toys while I took my bath having mommy washing me from head to toe until I was clean and baby fresh. After being dried off mommy would take me in my nursery set me on the diaper changing table diapering me and putting me in some cute little Winnie the Pooh footed pjs then getting me all tucked in my crib with a nice bottle of warm milk and reading me a story until I fell asleep.
I think it would be great if my fantasy really did come true having a mommy keeping me in diapers like a real baby and pampering me like a little helpless baby in diapers. I already wear diapers 24/7 and do all the babyish things in my diapers like wet and poo in my diapersand suck on a pacifier.
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i totally kno what u mean i wish my fantasy would come true of actually being able to care for an "adult baby" i think it would be the best life ever!!!!!!!!