Angels Of God; Please Hear This Prayer, Which I Speaketh Unto The Heaven's


  Oh angels of God; how beatiful art thou, ur wing's glow so brightly with God's everlasting love, ur halos so bright & so perfectly beatiful in every way!! Angels of God thank you for watching, guiding, protecting, & for loving me each & everyday, which God standethen beside of u all. My angels who art thou in Heaven; I ask tonight a special prayer for the love of my life which standeth underneathe u, God & Mary my Heavenly parents, u my angels who watch night & day that never take a break, please bless my bf Frank with all the love u wonderful angels have, watch over him & seek no harm come's his way, guide him please & direct him in life with our Savior Jesus by ur side's so he may see the light, switch when he's lost his way in life, my angels of Heaven's glory please bring harmony too his mind & soul each & every way possible, please!!

      Angels of God; please ask our Heavenly Father, to pour down His love & mercy plus many great but amazing bleesings upon my love & my soulmate, please help my love too see thing's are gonna be ok, for u oh Father God, do not give us no more than u & we together cannot handle, as our angels are with us always just like u, Father God!


                                         I ask these things in ur name oh God, my Heavenly Mother Mary's name, my Savior's name, & within the Holy Spirit Amen!!!!

This prayer I truley decatie with all my heart to the love of my life and soulmate Frank, my bf :}


mysterygirlsky mysterygirlsky
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2 Responses Feb 12, 2010

THANK YOU for sharing YOUR Prayer! TAKE CARE!!!

I wonder if they can hear you?