My Sexy Asian Wife

My wife is 34yrs old and from the Philippines,she is 4"11,slim,petite,long dark wavy hair,Hazel eyes and extremely hot! She gets a lot of attention when we go out and she loves flirting.She dresses very slutty all the time which is probably why guys hit on her so much but I love just sitting back and watching her with other young men especially when she is dancing with them,I have secretly seen her give a guy a ******* a few weeks back while we attended a party,she made some excuse that she wasn't feeling well but then a stranger came up to me and said he had seen her get followed by another man.It took ne awhile to find them but I followed the yelping noises coming from the carpark and was quite shocked to see her squatting in front of this well hung young guy coughing and moaning,He had his hands tugging in hair and was quite rough with her which she didn't mind and he was calling her a lot of abusive names which I believe made her go wild,Her short white lacey dress was riding up over her *** and I could tell she had discarded her panties,I thought the whole experience was incredibly erotic,knowing my wife was getting used as a ****,Do you think this is normal?
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1 Response Jan 13, 2013

This is normal, no worry. I have a pretty sexy wife too who love to flirt and get attention. She enjoy so much with other men especially handsome men who would really **** her and made her *** a lot. She never like to make love to me anymore but make love to many of her boyfriend a lot. She told me frankly that I never know how to please and **** her well for she would never get wet with me. But she could get wet easily with many other men and thus, she never allow me to **** her anymore nowadays but keep ******* men of her likes whenever she wants. Indeed, this is what I wanted her to be in my heart to **** other except me for I get very horny to see her got used badly. Recently, some of her boyfriend do pay her well for her service and I do imaging my wife would be used by her lovers and boyfriend to obtain sales contract in future. She told her boyfriend I never **** her anymore due to I like to ********** but indeed, she never allow me to **** her. She only want men other than me seriously to satisfy her sexual need.