Nathan Blade Alexander

My son was in the NICU from January 3rd 2007 to April 2nd 2007. I already have my story of how he was born at 24 wks (I have an incompetent cervix). Life in the NICU is hell. My son had at least 6 blood transfusions, a surgery on his heart when he was 3 days old, had to be under a "Bili" light, was on full oxygen intake, and went home on oxygen. I did not get to hold him until he was 2 mos old. I didn't want to touch him because every time I did he would bruise. I wish no one (including myself) had or has to go through the horrible experience of the NICU!!!! Good luck to all pregnant mothers. Take good care of yourself so your baby has less chance of being born early!!!
darkwitchofwater darkwitchofwater
18-21, F
Aug 10, 2007