Two Steps Forward, One Step Back

My best friend is about to move back to florida from the UK in around 2 weeks, I've been best friends with her for about 5 years now on and off. It's a very turbulent friendship, we were so close when we first became best mates then she got a boyfriend and it all went wrong, then when she came back from florida the last time we became friends again.

I speak to her just about every day, sometimes several times a day via phone, text, email etc as we live far apart enough right now. I feel confident in saying that I do have other best friends but she's one of the ones who's been there and knows everything about the past, our mutual friends, about anything i've never told anyone else. Now she's going to go again and I feel like i'll fall apart if she leaves, as she might not come back.

I've just got back into contact with my previous best friend before her and she's just gone travelling for 3 months, i feel like i've wasted so much time not being friends with her. We fell out majorly for years over something that feels almost petty now.

I'm almost at the end of my 3rd year at university now aswell and it all seems like everything i've become comfortable with will change. I'm going to have to move again, loose support from best friends. I havn't told anyone how i'm feeling about this really, i should do otherwise it'll all come out at the wrong time. I know you should be all happy for your best friend when they see what they're doing as the best decision, but all i want to do is cry and tell her much i need her, having support from my friends will help but it's not her.

brightonite brightonite
18-21, F
Mar 5, 2009