I Had My Best **** Ever By:

I bought a 12" ***** as thick as my wrist for my wife to use. She did and I loved seeing her with it but I knew she was not putting forth her best effort. I took control of it one night after watching her for a while. I began slowly stroking it in her wet *****. I got it all lubed up so as not to hurt her. I did not bring it all the way out for a while and then I did. It made a little popping sound as it excited her ***** and i seen her twitch a little. I then very slowly slid it all the way in to its ballsy base and seen the expression of ecstasy one her face. Then all the way out (puck) and all the way in. I continued this for quite a while and then started speeding up. I could see she was in heaven. More so than I could have done. Faster and faster all the way in and out. I drilled that ***** like no tomorrow and it accepted every inch and harder thrusts. I had her squirting for at least 5 minutes. I don't mind telling you that this was so ******* hot. I have never seen a woman smile like that before. Although her ***** was messy wet as hell and stretched somewhat from the extra large *****. I had the best **** of my life that night and I never came so hard. I was able to make her squirt every time we used it and then she made me stop using it. I can not figure out why but I lost my hot wet **** from then on.
toolgnomb toolgnomb
51-55, M
Sep 9, 2012