Sex In Bus With A Stranger

i am 14 and was travelling by bus. there was a man sitting beside me he was about 35. It was night and everyone was sleeping including me. i remember that during evening this man was keeping on looking at my breast. i was not wering any bra i didnt even were underwere i was whering a mini skirt which was shorter than my knee. so, at night while i was sleeping he kept his legs on top ok me. there was noone in our seat. i didnt move because i wanted to see what he would do. seeing no response he felt sure that i was in deep sleep so, he got on top of me and was going up and down acting as if i was a horse. it was so painful that i got up  and told him sir pls stop it is hurting me. he was happy that i was soft that he told me to  have sex with him he warned me that if i said no it would end up by him doing so hard and that i would be raped. i decided to allow him and next thing i new wasthat i was having sex with a stranger. he licked my boobs for 5 minutes and it was my first sex i always wanted my first sex with my bf and at the present i was going for a vacation. it was so painfull that i felt as if i shall die but i didnt want him to stop because it was fun too. let me tell you he used no protection and the hours went by and i understood that milk was coming oyt of my breast. we both were nacked. he even did the sameything to my *****. after that we got dressed a nd he asked me were i was going to stay. i told him i dont no i didnt want to talk with him because he did this to me he the told me to come with him and stay in his house. i told him no nee thats when he threatend me saying that if i didnt go with him he would again have sex with me i was so tired to handle anymore so i told that i will go with him and ended up staying the wholf my summervacation staying with him and he forced me to have sex three times a day with him he told me that was the cost he was so mean because even after rapid pleading he used no protection and you no what happend i was pregnant i thought that he would just leave me but he offered to marry me i was so happy and we got married ut the thing is he told that until the baby comes out he will be in my side after that he shall leave me and the kid.thats what i want i just what his support to deliver his baby and then me and my bf shall be together. but i was wrong it was so so so hard to take of this baby girl now i am 20 married to my bf taking care of three kids 2 girls  and 3 month old baby
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That's rape and no one should have to go through this. Sick people

Man, i'm shocked to read such a experience. It's a rape indeed. But how can she think it a fun ! I feel so sorry for her. & that b****** should have been killed.


idiot wt u wanted to write.......nothing is clear by this ....dont write again

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Go back to Mexico and take your illegitimate kids with you. Yuck.

Fake story

mans a *** i woulda said no punched him hard and called police themm told driver