What To Do?

I really joined this group because it feels like there's no one to understand what I'm going through...
Since my boyfriend passed away on september 2nd I haven't been able to sleep right, I can't focus in anything, I have to work and it takes much of my concentration, but still I can't stop thinking about him...
I'm 23, a week earlier we where talking about weeding and children in a year or so...
Everyone tells me not to close my heart to love and to be happy. I know for a fact this is not something someone can overcome easilly, but... Can someone ever overcome it? Can someone be happy again? Love again? How does someone loves anyone but the love of her life?...
I don't know... I miss him so much... And I need to talk to someone who actually has a little of insight on the subject. Please!
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Hi.. maybe this is not the type of response you were expecting.. its just that what u wrote really hit me.. because I lost my boyfriend September 2nd as well in a car accident.. last year.. and I´ve had the worst time.. I tried to get out of it, and be happy again.. as I promised him.
Somehow, 8 months later I cant seem to find the serenity to move on, and I dont want to bother my friends or anyone near me because the only thing they try is to get me out of the situation I am in.. but they havent been through the same so they dont fully get it.
If you would like to talk.. even though it has been a year already.. please contact me, because I know I do need someone who has been through the same thing as me.
I am also 23, my name is Jessica.

so sorry dearie i know how you feel because the same thing happened to me about a year ago i lost my boyfriend we were both involved in a motor accident, i survived and he died a week after and that was the most terrible thing that has ever happened to me.............i have tried to move on with my life and stay strong despite the pain but it hasn't still been easy , its so painful and annoying how people expect you to move on so fast despite the memories we shared together.............people say stuffs like "move on", "it is not the end of the world", "get a new boyfriend" and stuffs like that not knowing how hard it is to let go of the love my life.............i feel your pain sweet my advice for you is to find happiness by surrounding yourself with happy and positive people that will bring out the best in you and with time you will find love again.

I lost my boyfriend 7 months ago. I know how you feel sweetie. Til this day I still cry everyday, but I smile more too. He loves you and although he can't feel your pain. . .he would want you to be happy and no other way. It takes a lot of time. & remember it's always the hardest in the beginning. You're still young and OF COURSE you'll be happy and you'll find love again, maybe you might love even harder. Take this time to better yourself, because there's never enough improvement. That's what I've been doing. . .& although this may seem hard just remember all the good times you've been blessed to share with your boyfriend. if you want to talk about anything I'm here. <3

Thanks for share with me how you Feel... I do think I'll take a lot of time, it's just harder when the people around you wants you to be happy in such a short period of time, you know? That's kinda why I posted this, because just someone who has been in an experience like this would understand this kind of feeling.
I do like you saying you smile more too =)
Today is the 3rd month of his pass and I do feel like I cry more, or for reasons I wasn't crying the last month, and at the same time like I've been actually better...
It is matter of time, but it helps to be able to talk about it...
How did you lose him? If I may ask...?

I lost my boyfriend on September 7, I feel the same way and I know how horrible it is

Hi! Thanks for writting me... I absolutely accept your hug and give one back. Thanks for sharing this experience with me and try to let me know it does get better inspite of the sadness involved.
I'm starting to believe we all (the ones that have lost bf) can be happy :)

Grief is overwhelming and then slowly it becomes less and less intense with tidal waves easing into gentle waves. You will be happy again and let yourself heal, remember the special times, be thankful for your time together. I lost my boyfriend May 1st....I still get really sad now and then but I only have one life and my core strives to be happy again. Consider yourself hugged ....

My heart goes out to you. I'm going to message you privately :)