My Boyfrnd Dont Fantasize Me !!

 I have been in this relationship for a really long time around 9 yrs.. thinking of getting married as well. our [arents agree too.

He met me through a common friend we instantly got together as we both had been through a bad relationship very recently.. we understood each other feelings, and we gelled pretty well.. i love him n he loves me a lot..!

But he has told me this around a thousand times that although he loves me, cant live without me, wants to start family with me. he never fancy me..! i mean he said , " i dont love you physically " in a way it is also good that he like my nature and other qaulities, but i was stunned when he said that i dont attract him sexually n he thinks of other women even wen we r making out !! he says he is also not feeling nice about this n he cant control it as well.


I dont knw how to react.. i was silent.. i asked him why.. and the answer was obvious..! He looks very handsome, he is into athletics, gyming, n iam not so goodlooking, average body type.. ! On top of that he keeps getting various proposals from various goodlooking gals. n he makes it a point that he tell me.. atleast he used to do it till very recently..!! i tried to go to gym.. become slim n many other products.. but i fall flat on my face.. !! today he is not here he is another country for studies, wil be away for an year n then come back..! 

i am getting wierd feelings.. I do trust him but im just insecure.. i dont wana lose his love..! 

  Wat do i do..? i sometimes also think of suicide..

i just wanted to share this wit somebody................. thnx !!

anubluelady anubluelady
22-25, F
Feb 8, 2010