Can My Boyfriend Get Help?

i've been with my boyfriend 6 months and i always knew that he liked to gamble. until recently i didn't know the extent of it. i found out that i am pregnant and he seemed to be really happy about this although i was sceptical as we haven't been together that long and don't even live together. we sat down and decided to go through finances to establish whether we could afford to move in together and have the baby which is whn i found out that he had been lying to me since we got together. he led me to believe that he had over £10000 in savings that he had won and saved over the years but now i know that when he used to boast abput big wins on gambling he wold just lose it all the next day. he blew his savings and also owes his parents what he says is £2000 although i think its more. he claims that his parens have not helped him with this addiction but i think that he's just not accepting the help. he says he wants a baby wit me but how can i trust him? he is not finacncially secure enough to have a baby and i don't want to be stuck supporting him as well. i have 2 children from a previous marriage and they come first. am i just hurting them and myself by staying? and i feel like it would be unfair to bring a baby into the world without a responsible father.

can he really turn his life around in time to have a baby with me or am i wasting my time?ail.c
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Hey their... Not sure if you gamble online or go to local casinos . I am 35 now but was hooked bad. I lost over 50k in 2 years. I WILL TELL YOU WHAT YOU DO..... You can SELF BAR YOURSELF FOR LIFE. It sounds crazy but dude it was hard at first but it saved my life. I still crave to go but I know if I did it would be criminal trespassing and those feelings eventually goes away
Hit all the casinos that you have been to and go to security and tell them I want to self-bar myself. They get this everyday they said. You can do it

Good luck

You are probably wasting your time and will end up supporting him. He will drain your account. People with addictions are selfish and only think about themselves. My child's father is the same way.