Fairly New To This

My best friend married a sailor and I helped her through the tough time of deployment. I couldn't understand why even a couple weeks away was so hard for her to handle. I just did my best to be there for her, and support her. Well I finally took a liking to someone who is stationed where they are, and I went on a date with him. A date now turned into love. He is my perfect match and I love him so much!! I am getting ready to face my first deployment. I am having a rough time, but I know I will get through it. I support him 110% and I have promised to stick through this right by his side. He surprised me with a promise ring on mothers day. He already has a proposal and date picked out for that proposal. I am so nervous for this journey, but so excited and ready to face it with him. Any tips from you ladies would be greatly appreciated!
McBrittle McBrittle
22-25, F
May 20, 2012