I Need The Some Positive Adivice........

Here is some background:
I am 17, just graduated HS and my boyfriend is almost 19. We have been dating for 8 months and when he leaves for boot camp we will have been dating over 10 months, known each other for over a year. We have had AMAZING times and rough times while we have been dating. He went to California, we live in Missouri, for a month to spend time with his bro who is in the navy and we survived that and were the same or better when he got back. We have seen each other at our worst and our best. I truly have never felt this way about anyone and he says he feels the same. I know he loves me and I love him, but I don't know what is going to happen. We talk about the future and being together and that is all I want. My boyfriend leaves for boot camp on March 19th. So we have a couple months left and the past month has been great!!

My problem is that I am scared. I'm not just scared......I am terrified! His whole family has or is in the navy, even though I am close with them I don't know how to talk to them about this and don't have anyone else to talk to bout these things.....

I am scared that he will go away and when he is permentally stationed he will find someone else because I cant go with him yet. I am sooooo scared that everyone is right that it wont work but I needa know that I am right that it can work. I am going to work as hard as I can to be with him. That is all I want. The other day he seemed like he wants to get married to me some day. I know we are young but were planning to wait a couple of years.

I really am just lose. I need any and every advice about being a navy girlfriend that I can get. Not just advice about us staying together but advice about EVERYTHING! Please tell me the truth and give me any faith that couples do stay together through this all.........because all my friends and other people act like it wont.
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Hi, my boyfriend just left today for boot camp & i was so sad :( we been together for 3 years and im 19, hes 18. We have been through a lot as well. I think this is a good test for anyones relationship. You went a month and you survived so that tells u something:) the longest we have gone was 6 weeks. Just have a positive attitude & be supportive of him and be patient its hard trust me today is day # 1 and its tough but its all worth it. And if hes talking about marriage, he only wants to be with u:) be happy spend time together before he leaves. I remember 4 months ago when my bf told me hes leaving january 21. And it came so quick. So spend time together, be supportive, be patient and show him your love :)i wish u the best stay strong & im here if u need anything <3

Thanks ((: i'm always here if you need someone to talk to also! ((:

Hey, I just went through pretty much the same exact thing. Im 18 and my boyfriend is turning twenty now. He left right after highschool ended and i was a MESS. We have been dating over 6 months since he went into the navy and im not saying it is easy because its not but if you guys really do love eachother you're going to be fine. Make sure you two both make a skype or an oovoo because seeing eachother when you need to is a HUGE part of this whole long distance relationships. I also made sure i kept myself very very busy . Especially when he first left in June. If you need anything else just ask away im sure you'll be fine. It sounds like you two really love eachother. By the way my boyfriend just told me he is stationing in Japan next year which is over 12 hour time difference. And it does suck seeing you friends all have their boyfriernds with them 24/7 BUT YOU CAN DO IT

thanks!! he says we are going to make it work and see eachother as much as we can just depends how much money we have and plane tickets it costs.......lol I have a job and am going to start school in the fall sooooo hopefully that will keep me busy ((: