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Hey, my boyfriend is in the navy, he left for booth camp, and I totally miss him. We spend everyday together, we had our ups and downs and now is just like wow I miss all that, everyday seems to go by really slow. I'm so use to texting with him day and night talking in the phone but now is like, I just stare at my phone and read the old cute MSG he send me and stare at his pictures. This is really hard for me cuz we totally love each other, and I promise him I'll be here waithing for him. But now all I have to hold on of him is the necklace and his shirt he gave me to think of him, I sleep with them every night and pray for him, wishing he will be home soon. I cry every night for him becaouse I feel lonely without him. He told me last week before he left because i got really emotional and start crying he said "babe don't worry I'll be back just for you, I promise babe your the only reason I'll be coming home, and whenever u graduate high school your gonna move in with me and we are going to get Marry, don't worry I love you" so I'm looking forward to that. I just need a lil advice to Cheer up....
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3 Responses Jan 21, 2013

Aww my boyfriend just left today for bootcamp and im honestly a mess i keep crying on and off. But just remember its worth it. Try to keep yourself busy, im going to try the same but it usually doesnt work because i miss him too much. I totally understand how u feel i would see my boyfriend on weekends and he would spend the night and were soooooo close and we act so goofy. Hes my best friend & i feel lost and im sure yu feel the same. Im here if yu need anyone to talk to. How long have you been with him? Stay strong girl <3 & remember its all worth it:)

Awww thats cute im happy yu got to see him :) &amp; yeah, marriage is a really good thing to think about. Awwh im like a hour and 30 minutes from great lakes. How far are you? Take care &lt;3 &amp; stay strong

Im not going to liy to you it dose hurt and ur going to be sad for a while but what kept me going is all I did was find ways to keep me bisy then think about all the good times we had together and I can promise you this when you get ur first letter or phone call its going to make everything a whole lott better but also I sent my hubby some pictures of the family and a picture of us so he had one but also a cute letter to lett him know I wad proud of him and support him a 100% but after that the days will go by faster till you see each other again ..

It is completely normal to be scared! (from what I hear from friends and cousins with their guys in the military) You are going into the unknown and people definitely change through boot camp. And that's what I'm worried about the most for my boyfriend, you just don't know how he will change ya know?... I was so afraid for the last couple of weeks and although my boyfriend and I had plans to get engaged relatively soon he wrote me and told me that he will be doing it sooner because he can't stand being without me. I finally got a phone call from him Saturday morning, how afraid I was just kind of went away. Once he finishes basic I think things will look up, but I have to finish off my degree before I get to move to his base. It sounds like you guys are on the right track and I'm guessing that just writing this probably helped you, it's just good to read these and hear from people in similar situations. Good Luck and keep your head up!

Well my sailor had an interesting situation. He left in the middle of December and they were supposed to be guaranteed a call on Christmas day; however, some guys were screwing around and got them all in trouble, so no one could call. Then his first call was a little under a month (he got there on the 12th and this call was on 11 Jan). But, my boyfriend was a goofball and had my phone number all messed up, so he called his parents, but that call was less than 5 minutes because they were in trouble again. The first actual call I got was this past Saturday morning and we got to talk for about a half hour (they were in the middle of "hell week"). Hope this helped! As you see, it all depends on the division. Some girls on here said that they got to hear from them within a week (I got the first call when he got there, but that's different). Good luck and I hope he gets to call you soon! It will make things A MILLION times better! :)