Stress, Stress, Stress!

Well, I never thought the day would finally come but it is approaching fast! This 7 1/2 month deployment is almost over and I am getting more and more nervous every day. I have already made our reservations in Norfolk and everything. I just feel so stressed about his homecoming. Stupid stuff like what if he doesn't like me anymore? I tell myself, shut up you guys are basically married.. but does every military spouse go through this? Like all the questioning? Help please!

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2 Responses Feb 23, 2009

It is very normal to question the relationship and if you guys will be okay when he gets back or even during the deployment. Even though I haven't gone through a deployment with Sam yet, even though I will here in a few months, I think it is very normal to question. But you also have to remember that you both know or have an idea of how hard it will be for you guys while he's away, and if he wasn't willing to make it work and if he was thinking about leaving you, he wouldn't stay with you when he left. Keep your head up and message me if you need anything girl :)

you know even though me and josh arent married and im sure some people might disagree with me, i tend to feel we are all in the same boat...married or just being their girlfriend...i feel we all have the thought of whats gonna happen when they get back, have we changed or have they they still find us attractive and do they still love us just as much as they did before...josh is the first guy ive been with in the military and to tell you the truth i wouldnt have it anyother way, the first deployment that we went threw as a couple he came back afterwards and told me he loved me, we hadnt said it til then, i feel our love has grown even more so since then, but i still worry about the what if's...and i fell like i worry about it even more so due to the fact that he is based in washington state and i live in california...