My boyfriend was recently arrested on August 27th, and its only been a few days but its already getting hard for me. Im not clear on his new charge just yet but rumor around the streets are he's looking at a long time. I can't believe he's gone and we just made up and got back together 4 days before he got arrested. I'm going to his next court case on Friday but I don't know what to expect or how to feel. I want to stay by his side and support him through his difficult time, I don't want him to feel alone. But I feel so alone. I already set up my account so I can talk to him, he has all my information and I already sent out my first letter to him. How do I not feel so alone? Im getting criticized for wanting to stay by him from people who don't understand what its like. I can't imagine my life without him in it now. I can't give up on him. Any advice?
destinymachado24 destinymachado24
18-21, F
Aug 29, 2014