I Miss Him A Lot.

I'm not really sure where to start with this..I've been with my boyfriend for a few months but I've known him for over a year. When we started dating a few months ago things couldn't of been more perfect. He's a great person and I care about him a lot. Just two months ago he was locked up and however long he is going to be in there is up in the air right now...it's really hard and it's been the roughest time of my life. He was ripped from me over night, things went from 100 to **** over night. Now I have to visit him through a video screen. With a camera on my face and a camera on his and we talk through a pay phone to hear each other. I wait around for phone calls from him I've pretty much learned his schedule and when he is going to call me. But this is the hardest thing I think I am ever going to have to go through. Im starting to feel depressed, not motivated to want to do anything.. I just want him here. It kills me when I see him in his jumper on that screen. And someone who means everything to me who I feel like is my hero to see them cry and their lips trembling just breaks my heart. I don't really know what to do lately because I've been feeling so lonely and so sad. I cry almost every day and we promise each other that we will make it through this..him leaving made us realize how much we really love each other. My mom suggested this website to me because I've been so down lately. And no one around me really understands my situation. Anything positive helps..thanks!
roxy954 roxy954
Dec 7, 2012