Kiss My ***

Everyone around me in my town, the town my boyfriends from. Everyone knows what has happened to him and knows I'm his girlfriend. But everyone has nothing but negative things to say about him on every social networking site. I've deleted all of my social networking sites I don't even speak to anyone. I've become a recluse.These people just came out of the wood works after he was locked up.. They say the meanest things. I don't get it. People who don't even know me say terrible things about me and spread rumors about me. It's so childish and petty. The immaturity gets to me. It really hurts sometimes the things these people say and what they try to accomplish by saying these things. I just wish my boyfriend was here. No one would be saying the things they are about him or me. We wouldn't even be around here to deal with everyone's crap.
roxy954 roxy954
Dec 8, 2012