Court This Morning.

Today was a court date for him, kinda pointless one. Just them waving the trial. We only decided to go so we can see each other in person and be in the same room as each other..It's so sad seeing him in his black and white stripe jumper and all shackled up.. But he looks great. He always looks great but I never get to see his body through the viso screen and he looked so good today..we kept looking at each other from across the court room and he was blowing me kisses and mouthing "i love you" the people I was sitting with were probably like "what the hell is this kid doing" haha but it was so cute I couldn't stop smiling my heart was pounding too, like out of my chest.. we couldn't really keep blowing kisses and mouthing I love you too each other I don't think the sheriffs in there would've liked it, we're lucky we didn't get caught doing that. Im sure they would've yelled at him for it. But other than that today was good with my babe, good to see him and good phone calls today. We're actually thinking about getting married...If anyone else on here is married to an inmate lets chat. I'd like to talk to people who are going through the same thing as me
roxy954 roxy954
Dec 11, 2012