My Older Brother Beats Me Up!

I really don't know what to do, ever since i was young he has beaten me up now i'm 17 and his 21 and he has tried to control my life. I always stay in my room becuase i don't wanna be near him .. I want him to leave me alone, he swears at my mum all the tries, hits my youngers brothers and treats them like his salves. I have tried harming myself so i can be away from him, i really don't no what to do. I don't no who to turn to.. I'm really scared!! Somepne please help me do something. .
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5 Responses Nov 20, 2010

Mine too; today, he even banged and even kicked my door several times, told me to shut up, called me an "animal" just because I am autistic (he really hates autistic people) and even wished for my local college to blow up with me in it. My parents never tried to help me and they never protected me at all. I hope Hell has a special place for my sorry excuse of a brother. i am the second oldest of 5 boys. My older brother would torment/beat/annoy me relentlessly from age 8 to around age 17. He is 21 now and is still a complete *****. Guys i dont know what to say...I was beat horrifically and there is usually nothing you can do about it. Tell your parents. Seriously. They should have already noticed. I know my parents never did anything real harsh to him after he would abuse me...but its your best bet...if it gets to the point where its life threatening call the cops. Otherwise...just remember that there are others out there who lived the exact same thing...some even had it worse believe it or not...I believe this betters your character after it all stops...youre able to take anything in the real world after this. I can have anyone tell me i am a worthless piece of **** and it does nothing to me...just please guys stick together.

Alright ive experienced this recently I wish I could help I really do but I can't even figure out how to make my brother stop beating me

i ve eldr bro..he don lyk me at al..alwys he l beat me n find a reason 2 scld..if he wnt his any wrk 2 b done by me he l b very dts my weaknes..aft dt again same thng..he praises my cousin sis n al and nt me..he wont share anythn wid me..he wnt allow me 2 use hs pc also..he has put paswrd 4 dat..if i go 2 his room he ll beat n throw me out..he ll complaint 2 my mhr sml mstks dt i do n make me get sclded..he don want 2 b my fb frnd also..he won support me in anyway..xcpt abusing me 4 evrythn:(:(

my brother just beat me up im hiding in da bathrrom wheres theres locks on the doors he smashed my head against the floor it feels like i have a big headache idk what to do someone give me advice i try to stand up for myself with words and not violence but im 11 and hes 13