I've only starting stretching myself out with butt plugs. Today I put in a bigger one than I'm used to and I'm drooling! I feel so good. It hurts but I love the feeling so much.
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Love to help you train your ***, to start with

wow!!!!! this is sooo hot!!! gotta get myself sum too.....

Are you preparing yourself for the real thing?

Great - but dont' go too wide, we like tight ***** when we penetrate ;-)

how is your stretching going? have you been doing this regularly?

when anal training becomes regular there is only pleasure

Wow, two thumbs up...you're butt, lol. Seriously though very hot.

sound hot. And great that you wear buttplugs. Sadly I cant fit my bigger plug yet. Its quite wider than the one I am used too

I love girls who wear them . U seem very nice , you can add me if u want

I did the same thing today. It is uncomfortable but worth it. I want to keep it in 24 hours and learn to love it.

you just need a comfortable plug designed for long term wear

I even lubed it with Vicks vapor rub. Warm and tingly bum hole

mmm you're a connoisseur !

I want it all - the stretch the sting the fullness.

my sting !

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anal training ...


That's hot... It turns me on when you tell me how much you like it. Keep stretching your holes.

Thank you very much. I will! I don't know what I'd do if I couldn't.

What kind is it? Rubber, metal?

Glass :)

May I see?

Wish u could be doing that to me xxxx

I'm waiting to move in to my dorm to order a Njoy Plug. Stainless Steel. Oh Boy!! It's gonna be fun tugging on it daily!!

Definitely! Always see pictures of them and they look perfect ;)

Which photos? My photos?